FAQ – About RiverStyks Products

Question:  “Why are RiverStyks pickleball blades so expensive?”

Answer:  Simply put, quality and durability.  Our blades will outlast and outplay any pickleball paddle currently available.

We started RiverStyks with the idea of using technology to drive the evolution of the pickleball paddle much the way technology is used in the sports of tennis, table tennis, golf and racquetball.

RiverStyks decided early on, that if we could not produce a superior paddle to what was available at the time, we weren’t going to pursue things any further.

We experimented with a number of ideas, focusing on using combinations of carbon fiber and resin until we were able to produce a more durable, powerful and responsive paddle.  The end result was so successful that we couldn’t bring ourselves to just call it a paddle, so we established a new category of a paddle and named it a “blade”.

Question:  “Why don’t you protect the edges of your blades with a guard?”

Answer:  RiverStyks blades are solid carbon fiber with a rich resin finish.  With no worry about having to seal the paddle, we prefer to use RiverStyks premium edge tape to prevent the blade from getting scuffed.  Our blades are stronger than a plastic bumper guard.

Question:  “Do you make pickleball paddles?”

Answer:  Yes.  Our first paddle is the Kicking Horse which, when fully decorated, weighs approximately 5.1-5.3 ounces.  The Kicking Horse is made of a very condensed layer of foam with a sheet of carbon graphite on each side. This paddle is designed for wicked NVZ (e.g. kitchen) play.  If you miss the ball it won’t be because this paddle didn’t come through fast enough.

Question:  “Why does RiverStyks have a 2 tone or bi-color ball when USAPA only approves solid color ones?”

Answer:  Why would we limit ourselves?  Our 2 color balls (available in 10 combinations) are made up of the exact same components as our solid colors.  They bounce the same.  They spin the same.  They fly the same and more importantly THEY PLAY the same.

If you play in a facility where one side has a light background and the other side of the court has a dark background, why not play with a yellow/blue bi-color ball where you can at least see half a ball on each side, as opposed to one side never getting a fair shot at the ball?  RiverStyks wants to level the playing field!

For teaching purposes, for certain vision impairments or for just plain fun – a 2 color ball works!
And we are especially proud of the fact that our balls are manufactured in Winona, Minnesota, USA.

Question:  “Why is your handle so different than other pickleball manufacturer’s?”

Answer:  We chose a flat handle so the player knows at all times which direction the face of any RiverStyks blade or paddle is turned.  Whether you are hitting a ball with topspin from the back line or reacting to the ball with a quick punch up front, you will appreciate that this handle will not twist in your palm.

Pickleball is an unforgiving sport in the sense that if the paddle’s face is even slightly angled in the wrong direction – the end result is inevitably bad.  It’s not an “errant” hit so much as the player just nailed it straight into the net or out of bounds.

Question:  “Are the RiverStyks blades and Paddles USAPA compliant?”

Answer: RiverStyks, LLC Blades & Paddles are in Full Compliance to all USAPA specifications: 2/27/2016
RiverStyks, LLC’s “ Rubicon, Fox and Kicking Horse, are all acceptable under the latest paddle specifications. These specifications include the roughness tests. If the paddles are not altered in any way by the customer they would be allowed for play at any IFP/USAPA sanctioned tournament”
Dennis Dacey
IFP/USAPA Rules Chair
To view Test Results: See USAPA website, online Paddle Test Results Listing