Pickleballs 6 Pack

$ 19.99


6 pack of balls – $19.99
Two 6 packs (12 balls) – $33.00 (18% SAVINGS!)
Three 6 packs (18 balls) – $45.00 (25% SAVINGS!)



Pickleballs by RiverStyks – 6 Pack

  • Our high-quality pickleballs are made in the USA
  • RiverStyks pickleballs are meant for play BOTH indoors AND outdoors as they have 32 holes versus many indoor balls that have 26 holes and outdoor balls that have 40 holes.
    • Note:  USAPA does not formally recognize indoor and outdoor balls in their testing.
  • Our bi-color balls not only make it easy to pick up the spin on the ball, but their easy-to-see design is invaluable for those playing in a facility where wall mats or signage create a distraction.

The RiverStyks Warranty

Pickleball Warranty:
RiverStyks, LLC has a 30 day Warranty (From original purchase date) on all of our pickleballs (including bi-colored balls) from original manufacturing defects giving our customers the confidence in our quality design, materials and manufacturing process.


The RiverStyks Warranty on pickleballs, does not apply products in rental markets, club play or recreational centers, institutional or similar types of places where pickleball is played and/or practiced (i.e instructional camps), non-purchased balls or balls supplied in Promotions.

Please keep your invoice, packing slip or proof of purchase.  This warranty is not honored if evidence of misuse or abuse is apparent.


Choose your 6 pack (sold in single colors per 6 pack) of pickleballs from the following selections:

Solid Colors:

  • Pink
  • Optic Yellow
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Orange


  • Pink / Optic Yellow
  • Pink / Green
  • Green / Optic Yellow
  • Blue / Optic Yellow
  • Blue / Purple
  • Green / Blue
  • Green / Purple
  • Optic Yellow / Purple
  • Pink / Blue
  • Pink / Purple
  • Orange / Pink
  • Orange / Optic Yellow
  • Blue / Orange
  • Orange / Green
  • Orange / Purple


RiverStyks, LLC’s solid color balls (Optic Yellow, Pink, Green, Blue,
Purple and Orange) comply with all Rules, Regulations & Specifications of USAPA, and are included on USAPA’s website online  under “Listing of Balls Approved for Sanctioned Tournament Play”

To view test Results: See USAPA website, Balls Approved for Tournament
Play Properties listing

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs

Pink, Optic Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, Pink / Optic Yellow, Pink / Green, Green / Optic Yellow, Blue/ Optic Yellow, Blue / Purple, Green / Blue, Green / Purple, Optic Yellow / Purple, Pink / Blue, Pink / Purple, Orange / Pink, Orange / Optic Yellow, Orange / Blue, Orange / Green, Orange / Purple


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