Fox Blade Purple

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$ 189.00

  • Blade comes standard with a black grip.  
  • Blade Weight Choices:
    • Light:   7.7 – 8.2 ounces
    • Medium:  8.3 – 8.7 ounces
    • Heavy:  8.8 -9.2 ounces
  • Important:  Weight is determined prior to the “edge tape” being applied. The weight of the blade/paddle has a variance of +/- of 2 tenths of an ounce. 


Fox Blade Purple:

The Fox Blade Purple is the same as the Rubicon, just different cosmetics.  Just as bright, just as bold, with a Fox in purple!

Made in the USA, this is a carbon weave resin impregnated “blade”. The carbon weave extends through out this paddle, it does not end at the throat. All “Fox Blades”  weigh between 7.8 and 9.3 ounces.

It has the biggest sweet spot available – so we didn’t sheer weight off by downsizing the head.

The pickleball handle is an oval shape.  Our engineers deliberately designed this handle with a flatter surface so it does not twist  or spin in your hand.  

Our pickleball tape is of high quality, made to protect the edge of the Fox in the same way one protects a tennis or racquetball frame.

Accessories in photos not included.  (Example the pickleballs and\or paddle cover.

  • Blade comes standard with a purple grip.  
  • Blade Weight Summary:
    • Light:   7.7 – 8.2 ounces
    • Medium:  8.3 – 8.7 ounces
    • Heavy:  8.8 -9.2ounces
  • Important:  Weight is determined prior to the “edge tape” being applied. The weight of the blade/paddle has a variance of +/- of 2 tenths of an ounce. 

RiverStyks, LLC Blades & Paddles are in Full Compliance to all USAPA specifications: 7/25/2017

Blades and Paddle Warranty:

RiverStyks, LLC has a 1 YEAR Warranty (From original purchase date) on our Rubicon, Fox and Kicking Horse PickleBall paddles/blades from original manufacturing defects giving our customers the confidence in our quality design, materials and manufacturing process.

Terms of Warranty on Pickleball Paddles RiverStyks, LLC will furnish, at no charge, the same or equivalent replacement PickleBall blade if the purchased paddle cracks, delaminates, peels or breaks through normal use within 365 days from original purchase date.
The RiverStyks Warranty on pickleball paddles, does not apply to graphic wear on the face of the paddle/blade, products in rental markets, club or recreational centers, institutional or similar types of places which pickleball is played or practiced (i.e instructional camps), non-purchased paddles or blades supplied in Promotions. This Warranty does not apply to edge guards, grips, covers, edge tape or other pickleball related products.

Please keep your invoice, packing slip or proof of purchase.  

This warranty is not honored if evidence of misuse or abuse is apparent.

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Light, Medium, Heavy

4 reviews for Fox Blade Purple

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Dick and I purchased this paddle in July and we love it! I have small hands and short fingers and I love the grip! The flatness of the grip keeps me from shifting it and losing my grip. Dick with his bigger hands still love his grip. The handle length is longer than his other paddles and he likes this. And the large sweet spot is a big help! I would recommend this paddle to anyone.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Betsy Lasch (verified owner)

    Love this blade. Good power, but yet mobile enough to give great net play. I have tried three other rackets and this racket out performs all of them. Quality product.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Cheryl Keeffe

    I used my new blade for the first time today and wasn’t sure if I liked the lightness (6.9) of it as my old paddle was much heavier. Would this have the power to slam that ball down the line? OMG! I didn’t need to worry at all about this. I can still smash with the best of them, but even better is the quick handling at the NVZ. This is the best blade I could ever have hoped for and it’s creating quite a buzz where I’ve been playing. I am in LOVE with this product. I also purchased some lime green balls, hot pink balls and the edge tape. Can’t wait to dazzle them with the balls the next time I play. This game is so much fun to begin with, but having these tools just put it way over the top. Thank you for your commitment to a quality product…it’s well worth the price.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Gregory Krolczyk (verified owner)

    Now as excited as I was to get the Fox blade, I was even more excited when I began playing with it, and as I sit here and write all of this some 5 hours after playing, I think I find myself even more excited at the thought of being able to go play with it tomorrow morning. I mean – wow! I’m coming off of an aluminum paddle with tons of POP. And I’ve always felt as though that POP, the amount of which I was unable to control, was often causing me to dink too high (and you know how that story ends). The consistency I felt when I hit the ball with your Fox blade allowed me to place my 3rd shots and dinks with much greater accuracy. Serving all of my serves was a breeze, and as my first game with it was with a guy who thought we were playing tennis (hard), I quickly found that the oval handle helped me hold steady to block those shots. Again – wow!

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