Custom Paddle

$ 215.00

Create your own “customized” RiverStyks Paddle!!

*Sorry, but this item is not applicable with any specials, coupons, sales, etc.

Please specify the custom weight of your choice in the order notes section on the checkout screen.





Custom Blade:

The Custom Blade is the same as other RiverStyks blades like the Rubicon, Purple Fox and Orange Fox but now fully customizable!

Made in the USA, this is a carbon weave resin impregnated “blade”. The carbon weave extends through out this paddle, it does not end at the throat.

All “Blades”  weigh between 7.7 and 9.3 ounces so you may request your desired weight range!**(See note below)

Please specify the custom weight of your choice in the order notes section on the checkout screen.

Choose your choice of grip size (our standard is 4.25 inches), color and edge tape to make your RiverStyks Blade reflect your likes and your own personality!

It has the biggest sweet spot available in the industry!

The pickleball handle is an ergonomically oval shape. Our engineers deliberately designed this handle with a flatter surface so the blade does not twist or spin in your hand.

Because this is an edgeless blade we highly recommend purchasing additional RiverStyks protective edge tape because eventually with play, the original edge tape which comes pre-applied, will wear out.

Our pickleball edge tape is of high quality, made to protect the edge of the Fox in the same way one protects a tennis or racquetball frame.

** Important: RiverStyks will make every effort to ship the exact weight ordered using our International Organization for Standardization (ISO) calibrated scales. However, due to some variables outside of our control, the weights of the blades will have a variance of +/- of 2 tenth’s of an ounce. (Ex. If you order a 7.4 ounce product. You may receive a 7.2 or a 7.6 ounce paddle/blade.

RiverStyks, LLC Blades & Paddles are in Full Compliance to all USAPA specifications: 2/27/2016

Blades and Paddle Warranty:
RiverStyks, LLC has a 1 YEAR Warranty (From original purchase date) on our Rubicon and Fox and PickleBall blades from original manufacturing defects giving our customers the confidence in our quality design, materials and manufacturing process.

Terms of Warranty on Pickleball Blades:  RiverStyks, LLC will furnish, at no charge, the same or equivalent replacement PickleBall blade if the purchased paddle cracks, delaminates, peels or breaks through normal use within 1 year from original purchase date.

The RiverStyks Warranty on pickleball blades, does not apply to graphic wear on the face of the blade, products in rental markets, club or recreational centers, institutional or similar types of places which pickleball is played or practiced (i.e instructional camps), non-purchased blades or blades those used in promotions. This warranty does not apply to edge guards, grips, covers, edge tape or other pickleball related products.
Please keep your invoice, packing slip or proof of purchase.

This warranty is not honored if evidence of misuse or abuse is apparent.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Blade Type

Rubicon, Purple Fox, Orange Fox

Grip Size (in.)

4 1/8, 4 1/4 (Standard), 4 1/2

Weight (7.7-9.3 oz)

Indicate at check out

Edge Tape Color

BlackRed, OrangeYellow, PinkPurple, GreenBlue

Grip Color

Slate Gray, Spearmint, Black, Blue, Camo Orange, Purple, Pink