Pickleball Blades Not Paddles

We have taken S.A.S.S. (Space Age Super Structure) into the pickleball market making our products pickleball blades not paddles. Our composite materials are lightweight and strong. Let’s be clear, you can take cardboard and epoxy and call it a composite. That’s not what we do.

Bringing S.A.S.S. to market so that it benefits the player as well as respecting the environment has not been a simple task. This blade has a zero trampoline effect and exhibits superior “rigidity for durability” in keeping with the fundamentals of Pickleball heritage.

The result is the most solid Pickleball blade you will ever purchase. Can it last years? Quite possibly. We know most paddles begin to break down within 90 days of play. We exceed that. Dollar for dollar, our blades will outlast and outplay our competitors.
It is why the Rubicon and the Fox retain a nude look. Minimal decoration so you can see what you are buying.