RiverStyks, LLC Blades & Paddles are in Full Compliance to all USAPA specifications: 2/27/2016
RiverStyks, LLC’s “Rubicon, Fox and Kicking Horse, are all acceptable under the latest paddle specifications. These specifications include the roughness tests. If the paddles are not altered in any way by the customer they would be allowed for play at any IFP/USAPA sanctioned tournament”

Dennis Dacey
IFP/USAPA Rules Chair

To view Test Results: See USAPA website, online Paddle Test Results Listing


Revised RiverStyks, LLC Balls Compliance to all USAPA rules, Regulations and Specifications 2-27-2016
RiverStyks, LLC’s Solid Color Balls [ Optic Yellow, Pink, Green, Blue, Purple & Orange ] comply with all Rules, Regulations & Specifications of USAPA, and are included on USAPA website online
Listing of Balls Approved for Sanctioned Tournament Play

To view test Results: See USAPA website, Balls Approved for Tournament Play Properties listing