About RiverStyks Products

October 21, 2016

About RiverStyks Products:

When RiverStyks set out to develop pickle ball equipment, the commitment we made was to design, develop, test and market the absolute VERY BEST and most durable paddles & balls the sport had ever seen.

We accomplished this by using only the finest materials and the best and most technical/repeatable manufacturing processes ever employed in the manufacturing of equipment for the sport.

The results CLEARLY show in our line of paddles and balls if you ask anyone who has played with our Rubicon, Fox, & Kicking Horse paddles.  They will tell you just how good they truly are.

RiverStyks Paddles employ the highest quality Carbon Fiber and composites materials money can buy.  These are materials typically reserved for high tech aviation, automotive, and other critically demanding industries and products. While RiverStyks, LLC Paddles do come at a premium price, EVERYONE who has purchased and is using our products will consider no others once they have played with ours.  They are truly that good and besides being superior in materials, manufacturing, and appearance…they are also the Most Durable.

Meaning RiverStyks paddles last substantially longer than the others, and do not “soften” or “change” over extended play hours, resulting in better economy and better return on dollars our customers spend on our products.

ALL RIVERSTYKS, LLC paddles are U.S.A.P.A. APPROVED and Listed for U.S.A.P.A. Sanctioned Tournament Play across the board.  We are VERY proud of this as it speaks volumes about the high level of quality and robust durability of our paddles.

About RiverStyks, LLC  Balls:

While there have always been A LOT of manufacturers offering pickle balls, recently many of these lesser balls have fallen by the wayside, based on not meeting updated U.S.A.P.A. ball specifications, requirements, and regulations.  U.S.A.P.A. requires that all approved balls pass a multitude of specifications.

This includes strict adherence to bounce, hardness, weight and size. Many of the off-shore manufactured balls have recently been DROPPED from U.S.A.P.A. approved for tournament play listing for non-compliance.

ALL RiverStyks solid color balls (e.g. Neon Yellow, Pink, Orange, Green, Purple and Blue) continue to be listed on the U.S.A.P.A. approved for sanctioned tournament play online ball listing. 

Additionally, although U.S.A.P.A.  has made the decision not to allow bi-color balls in sanctioned tournament play,  RiverStyks, LLC manufacturers these balls “Just for the fun of it” and to add another level of satisfaction to our customers and at the SAME PRICE as solid color RiverStyks balls.    For non-sanctioned play, people really enjoy these two color balls.  Again, it just adds another bit of fun to an already fun sport.

More about our Pickleballs:

RiverStyks, LLC balls are injection molded and thermally welded using a confidential and proprietary polymer matrix which provides the most excellent performance possible.  Performance NOT possible in balls that are rotationally molded.   Strict compliance to polymer formulation and EXTREME REPEAT-ABILITY possible only in injection molding means RiverStyks’ s balls start ROUND and stay ROUND  during hours of play.

Injection Molding also provides the invaluable attribute of ABSOLUTE ball wall thickness control [NOT possible in Rotationally Molded Balls] which means they bounce the SAME, regardless of how they are hit and how they land. This also VASTLY improves in-flight characteristics of RiverStyks balls, again which cannot be achieved with balls manufactured by other lower cost Mfg. Methods.  They are True Quality Balls,

And well worth the very small additional cost. RiverStyks Balls do not become “Egg Shaped,” “soft” and do not “crack between holes”  which is common in lesser quality competitor’s balls.

Made In The USA:About RiverStyks Products Made in the USA

All  RiverStyks, LLC  pickleball paddles & balls are 100% made in the U.S.A.  We think it matters…because it does.  American designers, tool Makers, molders and manufacturing staff create EVERY BALL, EVERY PADDLE that RiverStyks sells.   Quality control is our top priority on a daily and continuous basis. Buy American Made, it is good for our Country.  The Quality built into EVERY RiverStyks, LLC product speaks for itself.


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L. Tiedemann, VP Product Technology, RiverStyks, LLC

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